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About Us

100 Years Strong
Special People

100 Years Strong

Our pharmacy is a Glen Iris and Malvern East institution, having been in its current location for nearly 100 years.

The longevity of our pharmacy is matched only by our pharmacists who have 110 years of pharmacy experience combined.

We continue the tradition of compounding and custom-made medication, once the role of every pharmacist, and now the role of few.

At the same time, we are passionate about our customers. You’ll feel that touch of love and enthusiasm in everything we do.

We look forward to welcoming you to our pharmacy family.

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Special People

Trusted Compounding PharmacistJenny as a child

Jenny – Pharmacist

Jenny has owned and worked in pharmacy for over 30 years, having been raised in the family pharmacy business. Energetic, caring, optimistic and knowledgeable – there’s no lengths Jenny wont go to, to care for a patient. It’s in her blood, and the DNA of our pharmacy. Jenny has specialist training in non-sterile compounding.

Jill HeathershawJill Heathershaw as a child

Jill – Pharmacist

Jill, Jenny’s mother, has owned and worked in pharmacy all her working life, since her first pharmacy job in the Block Arcade in Melbourne’s CBD where she met Jen’s father, David (also a pharmacist). She’s looked after generations of families through good times and bad, in Kooyong and now in Glen Iris. Jill is committed to staying up to date with all the latest health developments, and famous for her formula for compounded nappy rash cream.

DavidDavid as a child

David – Pharmacist

As a former pharmacy owner, David is enjoying his role as senior pharmacist, and it shows. Friendly, approachable, professional and personable, he’s just what the doctor (well pharmacy) ordered. David has a special interest in diabetes management and supplementary medicines, and can found on a weekend playing tennis or golf, or watching Aussie Rules.

DanicaDanica as a child

Danica – Pharmacist

Danica is another one of our compounding pharmacists, having been trained by a prominent compounding pharmacy in Melbourne. When she’s not greeting our compounding customers over the telephone, you’ll find her mixing all manner of concoctions in the lab and consulting customers about their special needs. Lovely, confident and clever – she’s a joy to deal with.

HelenHelen as a child


Helen’s smile has been part of our Heathershaw pharmacy family for over two decades. She brings the warmth and positivity of an upbringing in country NSW to everyone she meets. With extensive product knowledge, she can help customers select the health solution that is just right for them and their families. She is a gem.

FionaFiona as a child


Fiona has worked with us for 7 years, and has a heart made of gold. With her special interest in wound care, she tends to customers presenting to the pharmacy with cuts and wounds of all sorts, and has a great knowledge of complementary medicines in the form of Bioceutical products. The bright and friendly feel of our pharmacy owes much to her knowledge and attention to detail. That’s probably her lovely smile you’ll see when you first walk through the door.

JenJen as a child


Jen is our resident cosmetics consultant. Returning to us after having two beautiful young children, she is a master at our Art Deco make-up range (which, incidentally, is Germany’s number one brand!), and can be found applying make-up to our customers, ahead of their big night out. With an infectious laugh, and real smarts, being around Jen just makes your life better.

HarryHarry as a child


Harry is our resident Einstein, having scored 99.90 in his final year of school. Studying medicine at Melbourne University and working in world leading research labs hasn’t dented his love for our pharmacy, where he’ll still be found after many years on a Saturday. It won’t be long before customers start calling him “the Doc”. Or maybe we’ll start calling him that ourselves.

JasonJason as a child


Jason is like a premium brand of engine oil, helping out wherever required to keep every aspect of the pharmacy operating smoothly. A muso studying Music at Melbourne University, with pharmacy training, he’s the sort of guy our patients can rely on. Jason tells us he’ll work for free if we plug his music. Jason, here you go: https://jasonmackaway.com/



The newest member of our team, Angelica is a student at St Michael’s Grammar School, and the newest addition to the pharmacy team. A future pastry chef extraordinaire or marketing guru (we’re not sure yet!), Angelica’s friendly smile is there to make customers feel welcome in our front of shop area.

DavidDavid Heahtershaw as a child


If you’ve ever wondered where missing paperwork go, look no further than David.  David is our resident administrator, turning all those bits of paper into numbers.  A former pharmacist, he’s been known to impart a bit of wisdom to a patient or two during his visits to the pharmacy. With a keen eye for detail, he manages the pharmacy’s great relationship with its suppliers.

CharlieCharlie as a child


Trained in s 2 and 3 medications, Charlie brings his quirky interests in all things Doctor Who, Nanoblocks and history to the pharmacy. Ask for a “Fun Fact”, and Charlie can give you one of those too. A former delivery staff, and Jenny’s son, Charlie brings a sense of warmth and joy to our patients. Nice kid that one.