Nutritional compounding – A different way to supplement

Around 47% of women and 34% of men take dietary supplements in Australia. The demand for supplements has spawned a myriad of brands and choices that are mostly produced on a large scale. The vitamins & minerals market in Australia is currently valued at US$1.17bn.

Studies have shown that a minimum of 35% of adults who use supplements actually rely on at least 2 varieties

But like most medications, supplements aren’t one-size-fits-all. Instead, individuals can benefit from tailored supplements rather than buying bottles and bottles of vitamins that may or may not match their specific nutritional needs.

For reasons of both cost, convenience and most of all health – It’s time for personalised medicine to take a front seat.

Commercial vs. compounded nutritionals

While there is a place for quality commercial vitamins (as opposed to those that are produced for a mass market using less than quality ingredients), commercially available supplements can suffer various deficiencies.

On occasions, they include artificial components that the body struggles to absorb. They might also contain unnecessary fillers, allergens, and additives, triggering negative responses. 

For particular patients, the quantities of specific vitamins and minerals might be either excessive or insufficient, leading to reduced efficacy compared to natural sources. 

Compounded nutritionals (also called nutraceuticals) are unique combinations of powdered nutrients, neatly packed into a single capsule. They provide a simple and cost-efficient method to deliver the right dose of each nutrient needed to support an individual’s health. 

Within a single capsule, our compounding pharmacists can blend together amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, and more

More importantly, they are able to ensure that unnecessary ingredients, including any that trigger allergic reactions or which are contra-indicated for use with particular medications you are taking, are not present.

We have found that our patients are increasingly transforming their lifestyles and taking control of their well-being. When paired with a balanced diet, tailored nutritionals may be able to enhance health and prevent illness across all life stages.

Delivered in a form that suits you

A great thing about compounded nutritionals, is that patients are not restricted to taking them in capsule form.

Customised formulations can be delivered in syrups which are excellent for patients having trouble swallowing capsules, including the elderly and children. In most cases, we can flavour the syrups, with flavours such as strawberry, marshmallow, tutti frutti or peppermint-flavoured liquids. The possibilities are endless.

Create your own multivitamin

We can offer a solution by enabling patients and practitioners to design a tailored multivitamin. Rather than managing multiple pills, we can consolidate all the essential vitamins and minerals into a single capsule. 

If you would like to order your own custom compounded nutritional solution or would like to learn more about it, just contact our friendly pharmacists!

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