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We make plant-based medicines as well

As a compounding pharmacy, we can also custom-make plant-based medicine for patients if their requirements aren’t met by commercially available products

TGA Approved Vaporisers

Storz & Bickel, owned by Canopy Growth Corporation, is currently Australia’s first and only TGA-approved medical vaporisers, to be used with plant-based medicines

These devices can be purchased in-store only.

Mighty Medic

Mighty+ Medic

Volcano Medic 2

More about plant based medicine

We make it easy for patients to fill their prescriptions for plant-based medicines, by dealing with their needs in a friendly, kind and efficient manner

Still need some answers?

I am a new patient looking to explore plant-based medicine as a treatment option. Is plant-based medicine legal?

Yes, plant-based medicine can be prescribed by any doctor in Australia.
Before a doctor is able to write you a prescription, doctors are required to attain SAS-B or Authorised Prescriber approval via the TGA. Doctors in certain states may also require relevant State Government approval(s).

How to choose a pharmacy for my plant-based medicine prescriptions? Does my prescriber choose it for me?

It’s not just the doctor who can choose the pharmacy from which your medication is dispensed. The choice is ultimately yours.

If you’re seeing your normal doctor or GP they may use your local pharmacy so that you can go and pick up your medication. Some doctors and clinics have preferred pharmacies in your state that they may suggest.

Not all pharmacies are willing or able to dispense plant-based medicine, particularly at a price that may be acceptable to you. A pharmacy does not have to be ‘authorised’ to dispense plant-based medicine. However, they do need to have specific systems and processes set up, and ideally should have the knowledge about plant-based medicine to provide you with the help and support you need to properly use the products.

When was plant-based medicine legalised? Do I need a prescription for it?

In 2016, the Australian Government legalised access to some plant-based medicines. It is regulated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA).

It’s important to note that plant-based medicine can only be supplied with a valid prescription and TGA approval. To be eligible for a prescription for a plant-based medicine, a patient must have a chronic condition (defined as persisting for three months or longer) and must have tried at least one other treatment under the direction of a medical professional.

Patients do not need a referral to be eligible.

My GP doesn’t know how to prescribe plant-based medicine. How do I find a specialist doctor?

We definitely recommend speaking to your GP first, as they will have the best understanding of your overall health condition. However, in instances where your GP does not prescribe plant medicines, we can assist you by referring you to doctors who may be able to assist you.

Do my prescriptions have an expiry date? How long do scripts last for?

Schedule 4 scripts for plant-based medicine are valid for 12 months from the date that it is written. Schedule 8 scripts for plant-based medicine are valid for 6 months from the date it is written. Please note, most flower scripts are Schedule 8 scripts in Australia – therefore will only last for 6 months.

I want to learn more about plant-based medicine but am not sure where to start. Where can I go?

To know more about plant-based medicine, check out Honahlee. Honahlee is a patient educational space created to destigmatize and support your journey. Check out Honalee here: Guide to Medicinal Cannabis in Australia.  The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) also provides resources for prospective patients in this video.

I want to try plant-based medicines but I’m not sure if I am eligible. How do I find out?

To find out if you are eligible to access plant-based medicine, speak to pharmacists who will be able to provide further information around regulations. They can also recommend practitioners who may be able to assess your eligibility.

Can I travel with my legally prescribed plant-based medicine?

When travelling around Australia, if you have a prescription for plant-based medicine from a registered Australian doctor, you should carry this with you and keep your medicinal cannabis in the labelled container that it was dispensed in. 


If you are travelling overseas, you need to check the requirements of the country of destination. Many countries prohibit the import of cannabis even with a doctor’s prescription.

Do I have to use a vaporiser? If so, can I use any vaporiser?

For patients prescribed flowers in Australia, it is recommended to use a TGA registered device. Currently, there is only one company that has a registered device in Australia – that is Storz and Bickel.

Will my medicines be covered on the PBS?

No, all SAS-B or AP pathway medicinal cannabis products are non-ARTG or non-PBS items currently in Australia. Therefore, such products are not currently listed on the PBS and are considered private scripts which must be fully paid by the patient.

What plant-based medicines are available at Heathershaw’s Compounding Pharmacy?

As medicinal cannabis is an unregistered medicine in Australia, we cannot advertise lists or products publicly or online. Please speak to your prescribing doctor for further information.

What should I do if I experience adverse effects?

If you are experiencing any serious adverse effects, please seek medical attention immediately. Common serious side effects of medicinal cannabis include: increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, and severe panic attacks. 

Common non-serious side effects are dizziness, dry mouth, and drowsiness.

What do I do if I want to change strains of plant-based medicine?

As a pharmacy, we do not have the ability to change strains or prescribe different products for you. Any changes to a prescription product or strains must be made by your prescribing doctor. Once we have your script for the new strain of plant-based medicine, we can dispense it for you.

Do I need to carry a copy of my scripts around with me?

It would help to carry a doctor’s letter confirming that the plant-based medicine has been prescribed, just in case.

How do I refill my scripts?

You can refill your scripts just by texting, emailing or calling us. Our details are mentioned on the “Your Patient Journey With Us” section of the page. You also have the option to complete our online form here.

Can I drive while taking plant-based medicine?

Plant-based medicines contain cannabinoid compounds such as THC. It is an offence in Victoria for a person to drive with any amount of THC in their system, including any amount of THC from plant-based medicine. These compounds can be detected in urine many days after the last dose. The length of time that THC remains in a person’s system is highly variable and depends on a range of pharmacological and metabolic factors, including the amount of THC in the product, how it was prepared and how it is administered (e.g. vaporised and inhaled, sprayed into the mouth or nose, placed under the tongue or swallowed in a capsule). There has been very limited research to date investigating how long THC from medicinal cannabis remains in a person’s system. It is therefore not currently possible to provide definitive advice. 


Drug-driving (with the presence of THC) is a criminal offence, and patients should discuss the implications for safe and legal driving with their doctor.


Read more about the regulations and rules on VicRoads’ website.

For other states, please refer to the relevant regulatory body.

Is it legal to consume my plant-based medicine in public?

There are two delivery method types for plant-based medicine:

  • 1. Inhalable products – products like flower and vape cartridges
  • 2. Oral products – products like oils, chews, and capsules consumed in a similar way to conventional medication

Honahlee has a very informative article dedicated to these legalities.


Heathershaw’s Compounding Pharmacy does not promote the use of plant-based medicines for all patients. Our pharmacists will refer you to an affiliated doctor or clinic who may further assess your clinical requirements. For medical advice, speak to your general practitioner. Plant-based medicines in Australia are accessed via the Special Access Scheme or Authorised Prescriber Scheme and are regulated by the TGA.