Medicine Shortages

With over 450 medicines in short supply, we're here to help

Out of stock prescription medicines

A shortage of medication arises when there’s insufficient supply to meet the demand for a particular medicine in Australia. At Heathershaw’s, we have the capability to make or compound many medications that may not be commercially available or are currently out of stock.


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Quality Assurance

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Expert Pharmacists

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Australia Wide Delivery

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Current list of out of stock prescription medicines

You can view the current list of TAG’s out of stock medication’s here. As on 8 November 2023, there are over 450 medications on the list.


How is it possible to compound medications that are unavailable in stock?

Compounders are able to supply medications in different forms, such as in capsules, tablets, liquids, creams or injections from raw and/or active ingredients. The active ingredient of a medication may be available when the commercially produced medication is not. It’s important to note that certain medications may not be able to be compounded.

Is a separate prescription required for compounded alternatives to commercial medication during a shortage?

For the compounded medication prescription, a prescriber can include in the prescription:

  • The name of the active ingredients required
  • Strength or dose (in mg or percent)
  • Quantity
  • Directions for use

Our pharmacists are more than happy to address any inquiries you may have regarding compounded medications and to engage in discussions about formulations. If your prescriber needs additional information about writing a compounded medication prescription, our pharmacists can be reached at (03) 9509 7912