Our Specialties


With our state of the art on-site compounding lab and expertly trained pharmacists, we can help implement a tailor-made medication solution for your individual medical needs and provide you with advice about compounded medicines. Here are some conditions we treat using our compounded medicines and products:

With our state of the art on-site compounding lab and expertly trained pharmacists, we can help implement a tailor-made medication solution for your individual medical needs and provide you with advice about compounded medicines. Here are some conditions we treat using our compounded medicines and products:

For your pain

Pain management is becoming an increasingly sophisticated area of pharmacy practice, with some traditional pharmacist only medicines now available only on prescription.

We can compound a range of solutions for common forms of pain including:

Diclofenac 10% cream – high strength (alternative strengths available)
Gabapentin 5% cream (alternative strengths available)
Guaifenesin 10% cream (alternative strengths available)
Guaifenesin capsules (various strengths)
Ketoprofen 5-10% cream (alternative strengths available)
Lignocaine (various strengths)
Tetracaine 4% Cream (alternative strengths available)
Clonidine 0.02% cream (alternative strengths available)
Cyclobenzaprine 2% cream (alternative strengths available)

For your sleep

Sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia are becoming increasingly common due to the modern lifestyle. Our pharmacists are trained to formulate the latest and most effective prescription and non-prescription medications in the field of sleep management. 

Our sleep management solutions include:

  • Heathershaw’s Insomnia Relief Formula containing GABA 
  • Melatonin (prescription only)

For your stress

Mental and physical stress are another byproduct of today’s lifestyle. We have created a range of formulations that can help you cope with conditions like mental fatigue, lack of energy and tension. 

Our range of stress management solutions include:

  • Heathershaw’s B Complex Stress Relief Formula

For women's health

Women’s hormones 

Women’s hormones change substantially in the lead up to menopause.  

Natural progesterone is often prescribed to deal with estrogen dominance – which arises when smaller amounts of progesterone are produced compared to women’s estrogen levels.  

With aging, women also experience reductions in free testosterone.

Natural therapies or HRT (hormone replacement therapy, also known as menopausal hormone therapy) are used to combat these hormone imbalances.

We work with doctor’s who prescribe synthetic estrogens and progestins (traditional HRT) and bio-identical hormones (BHRT) which are natural hormones which are physiologically identical to human hormones 

Many women also suffer from Euthyroid Sick Syndrome, an abnormal thyroid function or hypothroidism, when the thyroid gland produces inadequate hormone.

Some of our hormone products include:

  • Progesterone capsules (various strengths incl 100mg and 200mg)
  • DHEA capsules (various strengths incl 25mg)
  • 7-Keto DHEA capsules (various strengths)
  • Hormone creams such as DHEA, Testosterone, Progesterone, Estradiol, Estriol, Biest (1:4) or (50:50) (various strengths and combinations)
  • Biest/DHEA/Testosterone/Progesterone Troche (vaginal/oral) (various strengths)
  • Melatonin capsules (various strengths incl 3mg, 5mg, 10mg)
  • Melatonin liquid (various strengths incl 3mg/mL, 5mg/mL, 10mg/mL)
  • Vitamin D capsules (various strengths not commercially available incl 10,000IU, 25,000IU, 50,000IU)

For your pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs about twice the amount of iron as a non-expecting women, with iron required to make extra blood for the unborn child. And yet, about 50% of pregnant women don’t get enough of this important mineral.   

However, commercially produced iron supplements often have drawbacks – constipation being a significant one – not to mention the taste!!

For your gut

An emerging area of medicine concerns the influence of gut microbiome on our digestion, mood, weight and immune health. A range of complementary medicines can be compounded to restore gut health.

A range of antibiotics are also regularly prescribed when more regular antibiotics are ineffective to relieve gut infections.

Some of our products promoting gut health include:

  • Paromomycin 500mg capsule or 30mg/mL liquid (alternative strengths available)
  • Nitazoxanide 250mg capsules (alternative strengths available)
  • Secnidazole 400mg capsules (alternative strengths available)
  • Rifaximin 100mg capsules (alternative strengths available)
  • Ampicillin 250mg capsules (alternative strengths available)
  • Phenoxymethyl penicillin capsules (various strengths not commercially available)
  • Azithromycin capsules (various strengths not commercially available)

For your troublesome skin

We work closely with dermatologists to produce creams, gels, ointment and solutions in just the right combination to help you with difficult skin conditions of all types, including rashes (including intertrigo), dermatitis, pruritus, scaly skin, psoriasis, eczema and acne.

Some of our specialised skin treatments include:

  • Tetracaine 4% cream, gel or ointment (alternative strengths available)
  • Lidocaine cream, gel or ointment (alternative strengths available)
  • Prilocaine 10% cream, gel or ointment (alternative strengths available)
  • Hydroquinone 4-6% cream (alternative strengths available)
  • Retinoic Acid 0.05% cream (alternative strengths available)
  • Vitamin C/Hydrocortisone 1% cream (alternative strengths available)
  • Kojic Acid Cream – combination of: hydroquinone/retinoic acid/kojic acid/vit C/ hydrocortisone (alternative strengths & combinations available)
  • Tacrolimus 0.1% cream or ointment (alternative strengths available)
  • Glycopyrrolate 1mg capsules or solution (alternative strengths available)
  • Glycopyrrolate 1% topical gel or cream (alternative strengths available)
  • DCP ointment or solution (alternative strengths available)
  • Cantharidin 0.7% solution (alternative strengths available)
  • 5-ALA 20% solution (alternative strengths available)
  • Aluminium chloride 20% solution
  • Niacinamide 4% cream
  • Niacinamide 500mg capsules
  • Upton’s Paste (trichloracetic acid 10%, salicylic acid 60%)
  • Clobetasol 0.05% ointment or cream
  • Salicylic Acid/Coal Tar cream or solution (various strengths)
  • Thymol 4% in Chlorofom solution
  • Monobezone 20% cream
  • Jesner’s Solution (resorcinol 14%, lactic acid 14%, salicylic acid 14%)
  • Glycolic/Lactic Acid solution (various strengths)

We are committed to quality, and use only the latest technology to ensure that the consistency of the creams and ointments are first class.

For weight loss

We recommend Heathershaw’s Konjac Root Weight Loss Formula.

Working closely with doctors, we compound a great tasting HCG supension (or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a natural hormone).

When used in conjunction with the NCG Weight Loss Protocol under doctor supervision, it can result in rapid weight loss.

Contact the pharmacy if you would like to know more about the protocol.

For your kids

We specialise in custom flavouring of medications particularly antibiotic suspensions to make them more palatable to our junior friends. Some of our common flavours include: marshmallow, raspberry, tutti frutti and bubblegum.

With direct experience of autism in children, we custom-make nutritional therapies for children with autism and attention deficit disorders – and work with doctors to vary dose strengths and eliminate yeast, gluten, wheat, casein, dye or sugar.  

We compound melatonin to help our kids get adequate sleep.

We can make a wide range of flavoured antibiotics, including:

  • Azithromycin 40mg/mL (alternative strengths available)
  • Trimethoprim 8mg:sulfamethoxazole 40mg/mL (alternative strengths available)
  • Paromomycin 30mg/mL (alternative strengths available)
  • Nitrofurantoin 12.5mg/mL (alternative strengths available)

For men's health

Hair thinning affects some 85% of men over the age of 50, with a significant proportion of those men experiencing symptoms well before that age.

Another less talked about issue is testosterone replacement therapy for men experiencing low testosterone levels.

We custom-make products for men which assist with both these issues:

  • Minoxidil 3-10%, retinoic acid 0.01-0.025% solution (various strengths)
  • Minoxidil 3-10% solution (various strengths)
  • Retinoic acid 0.01-0.025% solution (various strengths)
  • Finasteride 0.1% foaming solution or topical liquid (alternative strengths available)
  • Minoxidil capsules (various strengths not commercially available)
  • testosterone cream or troche (various strengths)

For Dental Treatments

We work closely with dentists, endodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists and paediatric dentists to produce a number of compounded local anesthetics in a range of flavoured gels, to improve the taste sensation for patients.

Some of our dental gels include:

  • Tetracaine 4% oral gel (or alternative strengths)
  • Prilocaine 10% oral gel (or alternative strengths)
  • Benzocaine 20% oral gel (or alternative strengths)
  • Lidocaine 10% oral gel (or alternative strengths)

The gels come in a variety of flavours including marshmallow, rasberry, tutti frutti and bubblegum, which are great flavours (and not just for the kids!)