What Does Personalised Medicine Mean to Me?

For most people, the experience of their life health journey falls within the ‘average’ or ‘middle lane’, so to speak. The way they tolerate and experience medications, supplements and vaccinations, the way their body reveals symptoms and their journey to diagnoses is somewhat predictable, methodical and treatable. 

Then there are those of us, traveling in the outer 2 lanes where the road seems to be bumpier, uneven and unpredictable. 

These patients tend to describe lists of medications they cannot tolerate, where small doses elicit unpleasant and excessive side effects. Or conversely, large doses are required to have any effect at all. 

Such patients who have a host of health concerns but don’t qualify for a diagnosis are often left feeling frustrated, lost, and unvalidated.

My passion for the Personalised Medicine approach is that at its core, it is a desire to understand ‘who’ the patient is. Their personal and family history, their occupation, their lifestyle choices including nutrition, sleep, and movement, and their genomic and epigenetic blueprint. 

All these puzzle pieces provide the ‘playbook’ for how their body engages, behaves and tolerates health challenges. This enables a ‘functional medicine’ approach where we aim to look past individual symptoms, but collate the entire health picture of the individual with the goal of finding those ‘first dominoes’ that have fallen and in doing so prevent the host of downstream symptoms. 

The concept extends our expectation of modern medicine that helps us when we are ‘sick’, to the realm of prevention and longevity and creating a holistic lifestyle.

The team at Heathershaws Compounding Pharmacy endeavours to accommodate patients wherever they are in this journey. Whether that be with a custom compounded solution, dose administration aid, one-on-one half-hour consultations to better understand your health position or genomic testing for medicine tolerability or chronic disease patterns. 

If you wish to start your Personalised Medicine journey with us or enquire about what it entails, you can reach out to me at 

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