What you need to know about getting the flu and COVID vaccinations

COVID-19 vaccination rollout update

Victoria commenced phase 1b of the national COVID-19 vaccine rollout on Monday, 22nd March 2021. It is the largest phase of the program so far with more than 6 million eligible people.

People aged over 70, those with an underlying medical condition or disability, workers in critical professions like police officers, and healthcare workers not already vaccinated, are among those who will be immunised against the virus in this phase of the rollout.

Two of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings — the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and Royal Exhibition Building – have been transformed into mass vaccination clinics capable of processing more than 10,000 people a week, dependent on supplies and staff.

Other vaccination centres include Melbourne Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, Sunshine Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital and GP clinics. The full list of sites is available on
You can check your vaccination eligibility using the Department of Health’s COVID-19 vaccine eligibility checker.

When to get your influenza vaccination

Our recent blog post discussed what to expect from this year’s influenza season

Face masks, hand hygiene, social distancing measures and border closures suppressed influenza spread to historically low levels in Australia last year. This year, getting vaccinated is the key to reducing the severity and spread of seasonal influenza. 

As per the Department of Health’s advice dated 31st March 2021, it is not recommended that you are given the influenza and COVID vaccine on the same day. The preferred minimum interval between your influenza and COVID vaccination is 14 days. 

It doesn’t matter in what order you get the vaccines. However:

  • if you are in earlier phases for COVID-19 vaccination, you should get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon you can. You can then plan your flu vaccination.
  • if you are in later phases for COVID-19 vaccination, you should get the flu vaccine as soon as you can. This will ensure you are ready to get your COVID‑19 vaccine when it is available to you.

When you book in for your flu vaccination, remember to tell your vaccination provider or clinic if you have received the COVID-19 vaccine (and when you received it). This will help them to plan your appointment.

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation’s clinical advice on vaccination guidelines can be found in an earlier post on our blog.

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